• The fresh new CODE board nods to the fast developing sport of Wingsurfing.
    The Code builds off the successful Macro design offering an incredibly fast lifting maneuverable platform to get you up and riding in a flash. Premium materials make for an exceptionally lightweight & durable board that allows direct control from rider through to the foil.
    From first starts through to aerial freestyle and wave riding, the Code has been designed with the future of Wingsurfing at the forefront.
  • Cabrinha Mantis APEX




    SIZES: 4M / 5M / 6M

    The Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. Not only does the wing perform amazingly in waves, on ocean downwinders, but it’s also proved itself to excel on the racecourse or on the lakes and flat water venues. The Mantis Apex series takes the performance to a whole new level through the introduction of the Ultra HP frame material. Aside from a 22% weight saving in frame material, the big benefit comes from the ability to hold higher pressures, allowing us to reduce the LE diameter while maintaining stiffness. This leads to a leaner profile and a higher performing product. (Leash sold separately) Click to view Wrist Leash Click to view Waist Leash



    The Mantis Apex utilizes a medium Dihedral design to deliver a precisely balanced power to stability ratio. This translates to precision handling and feedback from the wing.


    Refined wingtip twist allows for wing to breathe while maintaining canopy tension.


    Thanks to Ultra-HP the Mantis Apex has a lean profile for efficient upwind performance, wide speed range and an extremely responsive frame.


    A highly rigid single strut for low weight and predictable depower.

    20/20 VISION

    A refined window layout, made from weather resistant TPU provides increased visibility when riding.


    Through a combination of Ultra-HP material, refined profiles and Tip Twist, the Mantis Apex has incredible controllable and power in a wide range of wind conditions.


    A lightweight laminate material which boasts amazing strength and stability especially at higher pressures.   The use of Ultra HP allows for the opportunity to get a stronger frame at higher pressures, allowing the wing to utilize a 20% smaller diameter leading edge compared to normal materials.


    Cabrinha introduced the Widespan handles on the X2 and have since lead the charge in design. Strategically placed to allow for the ultimate in micro adjustment when riding, but to also allow for easy packdown at the end the session, the Widespan Anti Twist Handles take your winging experience to new levels.

  • FREEWING GO LEARN TO WING AND NEVER STOP The FreeWing GO has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, suitable for any level of rider. The shorter wingtips do not catch when learning, gybing, during advanced water starts or rotations. The short wingtips also enhance the ease of use when not foiling or on snow, ice, with skateboards and land boards. The large diameter middle frame creates instant power and a rigid feel, getting you up and going, despite a relatively lower aspect ratio. The wind range is huge as it’s such an easy wing to control over powered. The handles are easy to grab, while the windows are positioned and optimized for important visibility/ safety.
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